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Theme: Polish furniture

What is contemporary,

Polish design

Furniture industry is a branch of industry that is currently developing very dynamically in Poland. Polish furniture is appreciated especially on foreign markets, where the vast majority of domestic furniture production goes. Today we are one of the largest exporters of furniture.

In recent years, there has also been an increasing development

and interest in Polish design, thanks to which we are appreciated not only for production but for design work.  

Polish furniture manufacturer? Bet on the quality of native design!

Contemporary Polish design is presented at numerous exhibitions

and widely awarded. So maybe it's time to think about creating designer arrangements in your own apartment or office with Polish furniture? What makes Polish design so much appreciated on foreign markets? Polish furniture is primarily of very high quality. Foreign investors also emphasize flexibility in terms of implementation and design. In practice, this means attractive contract terms, speed of delivery, punctuality and optimal adaptation to requirements

and customer needs. Modern Polish furniture meets the aesthetic needs

and very often they are produced even for individual orders. Thanks to this, we can talk about creating unique interiors. Polish companies producing furniture are famous today on foreign markets for their particular openness to non-standard solutions. This is the main reason for the currently visible boom in the furniture industry. 

Carpenter w Pracy

Polish furniture with a soul - world renown

In many cases, elements of Polish furniture are made by hand by experienced carpenters. This makes the furniture even more valuable. Polish design is a combination of unique, original projects of young and talented artists with craftsmanship. In this way, thoughtful, elegant and luxurious furniture is created, which also combines functionality, comfort and ergonomics. On the one hand, it is about taking into account the aesthetics of the current interior design trends, and on the other hand, about appreciating the passion, diligence, knowledge and experience of local craftsmen. Polish furniture is famous for exceptional precision of workmanship. Highly mechanized, modern, Polish machine parks, which offer unlimited technological possibilities, are also highly appreciated in the world. Continuous development, automation and robotization of these spaces make the efficiency of Polish production increase and it becomes more and more profitable. Furniture production often takes place in Poland in regions with a long furniture tradition. This factor, of course, is not without significance for customers. In addition, access in Poland to adequate wood resources is also emphasized. Polish design is in line with the pro-ecological lifestyle. Wooden furniture certified by FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council ®) deserves attention. The aim of the international organization FSC ® is to take care of the sustainable development of forest areas and responsible forest management. So when you decide to buy FSC ® wooden furniture clients indirectly prevent over-exploitation of forest areas, protect the forest environment and care for the local community and forest workers.  

What characterizes contemporary Polish design? 

Modern, minimalist interiors are highly appreciated in Poland. This is also what contemporary Polish design is like, strongly referring to Scandinavian and industrial trends. When it comes to materials, solid wood, stone, steel and high-quality fabrics are dominant. Unique furniture with elements of concrete and natural veneer is also gaining popularity. Modern forms created on the basis of bold designs make Polish furniture contribute to the creation of original, sophisticated and highly aesthetic interiors. TFORY brand projects are inspired by the observation of reality and the changing world. Their goal is to make life easier for users and to ensure optimal comfort. It is also furniture that was born as a result of passion, many years of work and many experiences. They are said to have the unique ability to unleash layers of creativity, encourage action and allow you to open up to new possibilities.

Polish manufacturer of office armchairs - attention to every detail!

The TFORY brand is a Polish manufacturer of furniture, whose offer includes designer sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, stylish seats, expressive barstools, hangers or designer lamps. The company also provides professional advice and assistance in choosing the right furniture, helps to create interiors that cross borders and meets even the most sophisticated wishes of customers. Currently, designers are working on preparing a collection of office armchairs that are to be a response to today's needs of people working at home. So let's invite Polish design to your home today and enjoy the global standard!

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