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Theme: FSC ® furniture

Wooden furniture and ecology

Nowadays, among people, there is a widely growing awareness of caring for the planet, and in particular for its natural resources. When making a purchase, more and more people pay attention to the origin of products and the pro-environmental activities of their producers. In the case of wooden furniture elements, it is worth choosing those that are FSC ®certified.

What does FSC ® stand for?

FSC ®- is an abbreviation of the name of the international non-profi organization - Forest Stewardship Council, whose main goal is the sustainable development of forest management. Thanks to the activities of the organization, we can be sure that the products with the FSC ®certificate come from forest areas protected against illegal use, while the process of obtaining wood material does not disturb the natural environment of the fauna.

and flora. The organization's efforts are focused on preventing over-exploitation of forest areas in order to maintain the environmental balance.

In addition to pro-ecological activities, FSC ® alsofocuses its activities on the development of good social practices in this sector of the economy. The organization ensures that the rights of protection and safety of forest workers are respected, including by organizing training courses. An important criterion for actions aimed at maintaining the balance in the ecosystem is ensuring access to the use of forest areas by the local community. The FSC ®certificate means respect for both nature and man.

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