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Theme: interior design

Modernity or tradition?

The variety of room arrangements in the house can make you dizzy

from the head, but on the other hand it certainly makes it easier to find solutions perfectly suited to the tastes of the household. Recently, designer or modern furniture has been enjoying a huge increase in popularity, which is certainly the cessation of the use of commonly used solutions. The choice of designer furniture will allow you to create a unique interior that will be not only fashionable and, above all, practical. Their design is inspired by everyday life, and at the same time they reflect the beauty hidden by reality. In turn, modern furniture is dedicated to people who want to create an aesthetic arrangement.  

Designer standing lamp

Certainly, an element that should be present in every designer interior is a standing lamp, which can be the crowning achievement of a prepared arrangement. When choosing a lamp, you cannot focus only on its appearance, because it should fulfill its basic and superior function. The floor lamp makes it possible to use it as a zone lighting, and at the same time it can be successfully used as a supplement to general lighting. Floor lamps are almost a must for lovers of reading, creating the best conditions for a comfortable rest with your favorite books. An example of a functional lamp that fits perfectly

The TFORY VALO lamp is one of the designer trends. It allows you to freely change the direction of light, and the use of various materials (wood, steel) makes it a perfect complement to any modern interior. At the same time, it is worth noting that the VALO lamp is available for sale in many colors, and the quality of its workmanship is very good, which translates into the durability of the device.  


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Modern standing lamp   

Modern standing lamps with their fancy shapes and patterns can surprise even the most demanding people. Modern lamps are often desired by interior stylists. A modern lamp is an element that can completely change the interior, giving it a unique character. They fit perfectly into industrial or loft styles, although it is not only possible to use them. They also work well as an element of modernity in a classic interior. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a modern lamp with a glass, metal or lampshade. Moreover, designers decide to use fanciful patterns that give the lighting a very original look. Also noteworthy are the colors that perfectly match the current trends, and as a result give the interior a fashionable character.  

Designer furniture

Designer furniture is an obligatory element in the interior, which should have a unique atmosphere and character. In many cases, even individual elements that affect the entire arrangement are decisive for having an interior characterized by a designer style. It should not be forgotten that the decision to create an innovative interior often increases the quality of life due to the use of innovative solutions by the designers of these furniture. As a result, the offered furniture is a coherent combination of practicality and unique character. Compared to other models, designer furniture is characterized not only by minimalism and originality of patterns and shapes, but also due to the use of clean forms. Interior architects clearly indicate that designer furniture is an ideal element to break stereotypes that allow you to completely change the interior. Many models combine a perfect design

and outstanding quality.


Modern furniture   

More and more fans are also equipped with modern furniture that is elegant and fashionable at the same time. Modern designs and shapes do not detract from the functionality of the furniture, which is perfect for any home, regardless of its size. Their size can be selected freely, in accordance with your preferences and needs. Certainly, modern furniture is dedicated primarily to supporters of aesthetic solutions. Wall units quickly took the place of the wall units on the market due to the possibility of adapting them to virtually any room. They make it possible to create an independent setting that can be easily changed in the future.  

For fans of modern or designer interiors, the solutions offered by the Tfory brand are perfect. Tfory has a huge amount of ideas that are inspired by the daily activities of people. The brand is distinguished by relying on traditional solutions that motivate the owners to take action. Compared to competing companies, the Tfory brand is distinguished by products that have a number of application possibilities, which in turn gives users a choice of how to use them. In its catalog, it has products that are irreplaceable in everyday life, and at the same time have an original appearance and unusual, although functional, applications. 

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