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design by
Ariel Śliwiński



Depending on your needs, the chair can be equipped with additional cushions, which improves the comfort and gives it an original character. By changing the color or type of fabric, we can discover new, unique views of the furniture, matching it to the interior in which we live.



At each stage of design, we try to answer the question how to make your life easier and make it a bit more convenient. We create simple products, giving many possibilities, but it is up to you how you will use them...


ARCHE lounge

The unique comfort that goes hand in hand with the small size of the furniture is definitely its greatest advantage. Soft cushions have been supplemented with oak armrests and an aluminum swivel base.


Put your feet on

the table!

FRANK lounge set 


The movable wooden element used in the hanger allows using it also as a classic clothes hanger, which works great wherever we want to keep our shirt in a flawless condition.

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